Vintage 1960's Wool Plaid in New Form

And here is the finished product!  I am so excited about these new bags.  The brass detailing and the new sturdy handle design make a huge difference.  Enjoy!


Fall and Winter Inspiration! Thank you Renegade Craft Fair Chicago!

So Maric Fine Goods went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago two weekends ago...  It was the first show I had participated in and had no idea what to expect.  I walked away with a tidy profit and a wealth of knowledge!  That said...Maric Fine Goods is on to color, plaid, vintage, wool and lots of it!  The round and oval shapes were a huge hit so I will continue with them, refining design and construction as I go.
Here's a sample of some amazing vintage fabric from the 60's I just purchased from Three Martini Lunch...
I'm about to cut into it...and make some fabulous bags!  I'll post the results shortly...




Sneak peek of the Spring/Summer Collection!

I've been a neglectful blogger...
Here' s a sneak peek of the new, eco friendly spring/summer collection. I am so excited about this!  This line of green bags will be different than any others you will find.  I can't wait to introduce the whole line in April!


Etsy Storque!

Seriously...could this be a better surprise at the end of a work day?  The Milano Houndstooth Tote was one of many featured on Etsy Storque...and the views came flooding in!  I sold two bags (and I think I've got a custom order in the works!)  I was starting to feel down about the whole thing...and now I'm up again!

I'm hoping to get more followers...and to improve my blog a bit...when I have time I promise it will be more exciting!


A New Bag - The Soho Tote

Now THIS is a great everyday tote!  I really need to make one of these for myself...  It's spacious but still stylish and it has two pockets (one for a magazine!) inside so things won't get too lost in there...  I have bought several bright colored wools to transition from late winter into spring.  I think the color will help my mood during the grey months and spark up the website a bit!


I've Been Stalked!

And it's such an honor!  What great thin gto wake up to this morning...a badge from Beatrice and Violet at Etsy Stalker!  It truly made my day (and motivates me to keep going!)
If that wasn't good enough, a new nephew was added to the family this afternoon...Kyle Jacob Dover.  I am a proud aunt.  He's a doll!

Etsy Stalker Loves Your Shop!

Etsy Stalker Loves Your Shop!


A New Year - and my first post...

2010...so happy it's here. I'm ready to take it on full force and not waste a second of it! I feel like I have wasted so much time in the past...but that's the past. I have found a passion and I am so excited to follow it. Please be patient with me as I explore this whole new world of blogging. Today I'll start by introducing you to the most recent clutch I've created. Enjoy!

(did I mention that I have had nearly two weeks off of work...just enough time to torture myself with all the fun I've been having in my studio. Tomorrow, back to work. Don't get me wrong, I am more than grateful to have a steady job...not to mention one that's creative...but, man, this is what I would really love to do if I could!)